Wife fights: is frozen yogurt soft serve?

Alright Team, some of you may remember our previous drama with milk? Well, we’re back arguing about cows again, but this time, it’s about frozen milk. Tell us who’s right here.

Preface: My daughter and I love Yogurtland. It’s our Daddy-daughter date destination. We don’t overdo it on toppings and simply like to enjoy the classics: chocolate and vanilla swirl, strawberry, and cookies and cream.

Last weekend, my daughter was on a fabulous behavior streak. She was a great big sister, a fantastic listener, and ate all of her meals—which is rare because she usually prefers to sip on air currents at the dinner table. Yogurtland was her prize so I turned to my wife and asked her if she wanted to “join us for ice-cream.”

“Yogurtland isn’t ice cream,” she said. “Let’s go get ice cream.”

“Um, what?” I questioned. “Yogurtland serves ice-cream…”

“No they don’t. Frozen yogurt is different. I want soft serve.”

“Frozen yogurt IS soft serve.”

My wife cocked her head and slowly put her hands on her hips—a stance reserved for when she’s about to drop some knowledge. “Are you being serious right now? Frozen yogurt is tart. Soft serve is creamy and 10x more delicious!”

“BRO…” my voice trailed as I took my phone out of my pocket. I hit her with this Google search:

Then, I hit her with this Yogurtland ad clarifying that Yogurtland is not limited to just FroYo:

“See! Frozen yogurt IS soft serve because Yogurtland serves soft serve ice cream!” I pranced around her like a happy little gazelle and sang out: “GIRL, YOU JUST GOT SOFT-SERVEDDDD!” 

“I disagree.” she huffed. “You should poll the internet.”

“Better yet, I’ll blog about it!”

She rolled her eyes. “You know what? I don’t want to eat ice cream with you anymore.”

So here we are. Is frozen yogurt soft serveComment and tell us whose right. And be sure to follow the shenanigans on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. You can email me directly to say hello too!

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