What’s the word?

Hey Parents, help me out real quick. What are the English words for the following scenarios?

What’s the word when you suddenly grab your child’s face and scream at them because they’re growing up too fast, but they just look at you like, “umm, can I go play now?”

What’s the word when your child does something wrong and they think they can run away from you, but you’re like, go ahead and try, I’ll give you a 30-year head start.

What’s the word when everyone’s loaded up in the car and you pull out of the driveway, but realize Baby 2 isn’t wearing any shoes and the shoes are inside of the house and you scream?

What’s the word when you think you’ve finished doing the dishes but then realize there are more dirty dishes laying around the house and you’re actually not done doing the dishes?

What’s the word when Baby 2 decides to head-butt you in the groin and you let out the F-word in the Costco checkout line?

What’s the word you’re at the dinner table red in the face for an hour because your child has decided to eat air as a meal but then they have the audacity to ask for ice cream?

What’s the word when you give your kids a simple task like “clean up the crayons from the floor” and you come back into the room a few minutes later and realize one of them is singing Christmas carols and the other one is about to jump off the piano? Like, how did we all get this far off course?

What’s the word when your kids push your buttons to level 10 and you threaten to cancel Christmas and you hold your phone out in your hands and act like you have Santa’s number HOT and ready to go in your contacts?

What’s the word when Baby 1 asks if honey is made from bee farts and you tear up and laugh hard for 7 minutes but then compose yourself to give them the real answer?

What’s the word when you’re at work and supposed to be paying attention in a meeting but your kids pop up in your thoughts all of a sudden and you get this huge rollercoaster pang in your stomach and you want to run away and go squeeze them but then you realize you have to participate in this meeting because you’re the one that actually called this meeting?

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