10 things inside my wife’s purse

My wife’s purse is basically like a Rite Aid. She’s got essential knick-knacks, but also some unusual trinkets, which raised some eyebrows and peaked our curiosity this past weekend. My kids pulled out 10 items from her purse while I tried to figure out why she carries them around. The following items are ranked in order of necessity to Scooby-doo-mysterious.

1. Snacks – Two bags of Goldfish to prevent meltdowns. Smart.

2. More snacks – Organic fruit roll ups and gummy bears. This will totally keep them busy, no question.

3. Sunscreen – A mini bottle of SPF 45 so this California sunshine doesn’t burn their soft baby skin. I agree, a definite must.

4. Hand sanitizer – Good call here. This will absolutely come in handy when the baby decides to play with street trash.

5. Extra diapers and wipes – Yup, we always need these for disasters so I’m glad you’re always thinking ahead by packing backups here.

6. One sunglasses lens – Where did the rest of the sunglasses go? Did one of our kids hulk smash your frames? If yes, I know this feeling. RIP to your sunnies, gurl.

7. An entire banana – I know you’re probably well aware of it, but what would have happened if you forget about this over the weekend? Risky decision here, but I’ll allow it.

8. One shoelace – does this mean one of our kids is running around right now with a shoe that is missing a shoelace? That doesn’t seem safe, but whatever, let’s move on…

9. Masking tape – So is this here in case we need to wrap a christmas present in August?

10. A bird feather – a quill for your signature, I presume? Did you pluck this yourself from a duck’s butt? I’m assuming this was a surprise gift from one of our children so I’m glad you have number 4 and 5 to help mitigate this situation.

Ps. I went ahead and put an entire bottle of Pinot in your purse just in case there is an actual bird inside one of your pockets. Good luck, Mommy!

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