Dump trucks, I hate you

My 18 month old son is obsessed with dump trucks. He wakes up thinking about them and it’s all he babbles about all day long. It was cute at first but now it’s turned into a borderline nightmare. We tried introducing him to other educational books and videos like Sesame Street but he doesn’t give AF about Elmo. All he wants are dump truck videos on YouTube. If I could burn one thing on the internet, it’d be this video below.

WARNING: do not show this to your child if they are into construction. Also, do not show this to your child even if they aren’t into construction. Also, if this gets stuck in your head I’m sorry not sorry. Dump trucks, I hate you.

Sidenote: if you want a banger construction reading experience, get this book called Dig by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha. It’s about Mr. Rally, his dog Lighting, and their adventures on a backhoe. 

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