Top 5 shows for kids on Netflix (according to the 3-year old)

My wife and I roll our eyes HARD at parents who say things like, “oh, we never let little Bartholomew watch TV.” Oh thaaaat’s cool. Wanna know what we do? We go straight to our BFF Netflix just so we can regain a piece of our sanity back for half an hour. We don’t feel bad either because TV shows for kids have gotten lit 100. Here are Top 5 TV shows for kids on Netflix as reviewed by me and my 3-year old.

1) Justin Time

My review: This animated show right here is the jam. The lil homie Justin has an imaginary friend named Squidgy and they go on adventures to different places around the world with their friend Olive. You learn about different cultures, people, and places and there is always a moral at the end. Also, this show has top shelf, grade-A animation. It’s colorful, engaging, and fun for everyone. Give this a Number 1 on the queue.

3-year old review: “I like Squidgy. I just love him. He makes me laugh so much”

2) Simon

My review: This little bunny family is adorable. Simon and his little brother Gaspard—yes, his brother’s name is Gaspard!—get into mischief. The episodes are bite sized, like 5-10 minutes a pop so you can easily get a quick breather for a few minutes.

3-year old review: “Gaspard follows Simon just like my brother follows me. Also, do you know the song they all sing? It’s so funny it goes like Bee paa baa doo scoobie da ba doo old pair of socks smells like a fox [giggles]”

3) Llama llama

My review: The famous book, now an animated series. If you’ve read it than you know what you’re getting into. The entire squad is there: Llama Llama, Nelly Gnu, Luna Giraffe—urrrbody in the club learning family values. 

3-year old review: “I like the episode where Gilroy sings Loo Loo La La Lee Lee low”

4) Cat in the Hat

My review: The cat is voiced by Martin Short. Enough said.

3-year old review: “Nick and Sally are nice and they always take the thingamagigger on adventures.”

5) Noddy Toyland Detective

My review: I used to read this as a kid, but honestly, I haven’t watched a single episode yet. I just turned this one on last week when I needed a break and the 3 year old has been into it. When asked why she liked it, she replied with:

3-year old review: “He’s so good at investigating, Daddy”

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