101 tips for new dads

After dealing with two kids over the years, I’ve compiled a list of 101 tips for new dads*

  1. There is no instruction manual for being a parent. Just jump in.
  2. No dad goes into it knowing what’s going on. It’s chaotic and it’s beautiful.
  3. Turn your phone off and look your kids in the eyes.
  4. If you talk to them when they’re young, they’ll talk to you when you’re old.
  5. Don’t be your kid’s first bully. They’re brand new and need guidance.
  6. Be patient.
  7. Help them discover. Don’t dictate.
  8. Hold your kids as much as you can when they’re little because they’ll outgrow your arms in a blink of an eye.
  9. Don’t be in a rush for them to get to the next stage of life. Enjoy them in the now.
  10. Tell them I love you.
  11. Tell them to dream big.
  12. Tell them to be kind.
  13. Tell them you’re proud.
  14. Learn together.
  15. Experience together.
  16. They’re like sponges. You are their first teacher.
  17. They’re your shadows. You are their first leader.
  18. Your wife/partner/spouse/sig-O is the most beautiful person on earth. Put them on a pedestal.**
  19. You and your partner will fight. It’s healthy. Forgive them. Love them. Surprise them.
  20. Hold their tiny hands.
  21. Change their diapers. It’s an amazing bonding experience.
  22. Tell them dad-jokes.
  23. Laugh at their jokes.
  24. Create inside jokes.
  25. Create memories.
  26. The world is a scary place, but it’s also beautiful. Make sure they know about both.
  27. Don’t buy those expensive, hipster clothes because they’ll outgrow them in literally 5 minutes.
  28. Don’t buy toys, buy books.
  29. Run fast.
  30. Climb trees.
  31. Forget what people think.
  32. Do you.
  33. Write down what they say so you don’t forget.
  34. Film what they do so you can remember how small they were.
  35. Lift them up.
  36. Don’t push them down.
  37. Let them explore.
  38. They’ll break the rules.
  39. They’ll forget the rules.
  40. After a few tries and cries, they’ll remember the rules.
  41. You don’t have to share everything they do on social media.***
  42. Save some memories for yourself.
  43. The worst thing you can do is be hungover around your children. Moderate your drinking.
  44. Make sure they respect Others, Adults, Property, Themselves, and God. If they do, they’ll respect You.
  45. Take trips.
  46. Your brain will not be able to turn itself off.
  47. Your stomach will get pangs.
  48. Your heart will beat very-very fast.
  49. People will have opinions on how to raise your kids. Stay in your lane.
  50. Give your kid’s nanny, caretaker, or teacher constant appreciation. They are taking care of your treasure when you’re not.
  51. There will be hard days.
  52. There will be light days.
  53. Things will break.
  54. Things will crash.
  55. Things will work themselves out.
  56. If you raise your voice, remember to lower it.
  57. If you believe it, it can happen.
  58. If you believe in them, they will make it happen.
  59. Listen.
  60. Build trust.
  61. Tuck them in.
  62. Have breakfast together.
  63. Time. Goes. By. So. Fast.
  64. Don’t dwell on the past.
  65. Appreciate the present.
  66. Get excited about the future.
  67. Sometimes your partner will say no chocolate before bed. Break the rules, and give them chocolate.
  68. Find an activity that only you and your kid do together.
  69. Find an activity that only you and your partner do together.
  70. Find an activity that only you do alone.
  71. Take care of yourself.
  72. Make sure your body and mind are a temple.
  73. They’ll ask why. Have an answer ready.
  74. Sometimes you won’t have an answer ready. That’s okay.
  75. They’ll get sick often.
  76. They’ll get you sick often.
  77. Sometimes you have to take them to the Doctor.
  78. Sometimes you have to take them to the Emergency Room.
  79. Be brave.
  80. Enjoy being a dad.
  81. You brought a kid into this planet. Remember how insane that is.
  82. Your kid has the potential to change the world. They also have the potential to break it. You have the ability to influence this.
  83. There will come a day when they don’t want you.
  84. There will come a day when they don’t need you.
  85. There will come a day when they hug you. HUG THEM TIGHTER.
  86. Ask for help.
  87. Don’t be afraid of not knowing.
  88. Coffee is the best drink on earth.
  89. It’s not a race or a marathon. It’s a journey.
  90. Be alert.
  91. Be cautious.
  92. Be weary.
  93. USE. YOUR. GUT.
  94. When you know, you know.
  95. Learn to say sorry.
  96. Learn to say no.
  97. Take risks.
  98. YOLO.
  99. When it rains, it pours (good and bad)
  100. Highlight their strengths. Don’t broadcast their weakness.
  101. Remember, there is no instruction manual for being a parent. Just jump in.

*These aren’t answers. These are just suggestions.
**If applicable. Shout out to single parents!
***Ironic, since I have a dad-blog. I’m slowly learning how to dial it all down. 

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