Top 5 Games I Play With My Wife

My wife and I keep our marriage spicy AF by playing these amazingly fun games together.

1) Find that smell
Hey, you smell that? Is it a banana under the couch? A half an eaten omelette in the front pocket of the diaper bag? Perhaps it’s a fistful of shredded cheese in the desk drawer? First one to locate the smell wins! Ready, set, go!

2) Bottomless Sink
Just when you think you’re done with the dishes, guess what? More keep coming! This game is fast-paced, so if you’re a thrill seeker, come join our team—it’s a multiplayer experience!

3) Where’s the baby?
Daddy was putting together a bumpin’ Spotify playlist for the Sonos and accidentally lost the baby. Oh shit, where is he? Did he crawl out of the house? Is he behind the curtain? No, he’s just under the piano licking the foot pedals! HA, what a fun game! Also, Mom doesn’t like this game.

4) Waterworks
This is an immersive mystery experience. We open on a calm suburban home. Suddenly, Mommy and Daddy hear a scream. They run into the room only to find both kids crying. Why? How? What caused this? There is a half eaten crayon, stickers on the baby’s forehead, and a spatula. Let’s put our heads together and solve this mystery.

5) Wouldn’t it be fun if…
This is a two player game where we look each other in the eyes straight-faced and tell each other about our dreams. First one to laugh loses. For example, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we went and saw Hamilton?” or “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we took both kids to Croatia?” Sometimes this game ends in accidental tears. Because it’s that fun.

What games do you play with your Sig-O? Let me know so we can coordinate a game night! Follow the shenanigans on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest. Or email me directly to say hello! 


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