I Can’t Even English

My wife and I realized that we don’t know the real versions to a lot of English words thanks to our 3-year old who’s put her own spin on the language. Here are a few examples:

Anchobees – these are fish who swarm like bee’s in the ocean.

Sea Waters – these are cute, cuddly ocean creatures. They’re called Sea Waters because they live in the water. Duh.

Funfused – My sister’s dog, Wrigely once started barking continuously at nothing. The 3 year old told everyone he was just funfused instead of confused. Now our entire family uses the word funfused when someone gets too drunk at a family party for example.

Flamangoes – These are pink birds who have funny legs but their bodies look like round mangoes.

Baecation – the 3-year old sometimes used to mix up her V’s and B’s when she was younger. She started calling it a baecation, which was genius, because you usually take vacations with your bae’s.

Sunscream – You put this lotion on when you want to have fun in the sun and scream with your friends because you’re so happy to see them.

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