Daddy Diaries, Part 12: The Best Dadvertising on TV

As a Dad, I don’t have much of an attention span these days, but sometimes a TV spot or YouTube ad will stop me in dead in my tracks. Here is my list of my favorite ads targeted at Dads like me.

State Farm: “Never”
Does State Farm have a time machine that sees into my future? I’ve never had a commercial follow every stage of my life so perfectly. The ending gets me every time.

Luvs: “Naptime”
I watched this and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed…

Toyota: “Swagger Wagon”
This rap is basically romantic poetry whispering softly in my ears.

Vicks DayQuil: “Sick Day”
The only thing worse than being sick around your baby is being hungover around your baby.

Amazon Echo: “The Break Up”
Dad points for this Dad.

Doritos: “Ultrasound”
The woman reminds me of my wife. Luckily, I wasn’t eating Doritos when my daughter was born.

Kraft: “Officer Dan”
I can see one of my offspring doing something like this. I’m already mentally preparing for my conversation with the police in the future.

Yoplait: “Whisper”
The little girl here is so adorable, I want to squeeze her. I also want to hug the Dad because I feel for his loss.

Cheerios: “Father Friendly”
No joke, the first 15 seconds with the horse mask was so fantastic, I had to rewind and re-watch that part twice.

Subaru: “Legacy Driver”
Because babies acting like adults are always funny.

Volkswagen: “Throw baseball”
Luckily I know how to throw a baseball, but I can’t wait to instill some awkward knowledge to my children, like when they ask me how to “juju on that beat” (Re: #TZanthemchallenge)

Toys”R”Us: “Like Father, Like Daughter”
I don’t know why this commercial made me feel the fuzzies. I guess it’s because I really felt for the Dad, especially at the beginning, where he’s trying his best to make the baby happy, but the only person who can soothe the baby is Mom (we Dads know that helpless feeling). So when then the daughter goes all in at the end in the Toys”R”Us aisle, my heart started pumping like I was right there. Kudos to the Director for pulling me into this world and sparking that emotion.

Zazoo: “Supermarket”
When I first saw this spot, I didn’t even laugh. I stood up and clapped.

Halos Mandarin: “Stealing”
My 2-year old caught me eating her string cheese once and it was bad news. No joke, baby’s are mean, especially if they catch you trying to being sneaky.

Hanes: “Paste”
This commercial is everything. Also, the last two seconds made me have a full blown giggle fiesta.

Walmart: “The Dad Pack”
I want to give this Dad a high-five because I know exactly what he’s thinking.

Kohl’s: “First the workout, then the waffles”
I too, have also almost forgotten the baby because of truffle fries.

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