Watching the baby eat is exhausting

My wife and I empower our kids to take the lead on setting their own daily routines, starting from simple activities like brushing their teeth, washing hands, to putting their own clothes on. So last weekend, I gave them breakfast, set the camera, and sat back hoping they’d both know how to get the job done. The 4-year old knows the drill. The baby however, is still figuring shit out.

Here is a 10 part photo series:

1. What are you looking at, Baby? Sit straight, please. Also, where are your pants?

2. Alright, almost. Tummy to the table please.

3. Nope. Wrong way.

4. Wait, where’d the F did you go?

5. NO. The chair is not a choo-choo! Sit down. SIT BACK DOWN PLEASE.

6. Okay, thank you. Yup, hi. I see you, buddy. Good job! Keep going. Keep taking bites, please.

7. Good.

8. Hey, stop talking and distracting your sister. Focus, please.

9. Hey! Put your leg down from the table. HAS ANYONE SEEN THE BABY’S PANTS? WHY ISN’T HE WEARING PANTS?

10. Damnit. Where the F did you go?

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