The great poster debate

The poster I’m holding in the above pic is for my second feature film, Lucky Fifty. I worked really hard on it with a group of talented filmmakers who I consider my family. It took us years to prep, shoot, and edit—literal blood, sweat, and tears. We’re going to be releasing it this summer—I’ll share more once we get there—but every time I see this poster, it gives me so much energy and confidence because I got a group of friends together and we made an art-thing. And even if it’s garbage, and nobody likes it, it’s my beautiful garbage. So what’s the problem? My wife won’t let me put this poster up in our house.

Here’s the debate:

Wifey: It’s too big.
Me: Posters are supposed to be big.

Wifey: Couldn’t you have gotten something smaller?
Me: This is only 24×36 which is standard poster size. I could have gotten it bigger!

Wifey: I don’t want a giant poster in our house that’s bigger than the photographs of our children!
Me: We have giant posters of our children everywhere in the house!

Wifey: I don’t want to wake up to Lawrence and Jaya’s giant faces.
Me: What’s wrong with Lawrence and Jaya’s faces? I like their faces. It’s why I casted them.

Wifey: You can put them up in the garage.
Me: Who is going to see them in the garage! Nobody goes in our garage.

Wifey: It’s a movie poster! It’s supposed to be where people see it. It’s not meant to be inside anyway!
Me: Yeah, but when people come over, they’ll see it and be like, What is that? And I’ll be like, Oh that silly thing? It’s just a little feature film I shot while being a dad to two kids wanna talk about it? And they’ll be like sayyy whaaaaat ya let’s talk about it.

Wifey: How many people do we have over? Nobody comes over other than our parents.
Me: Do the cleaners know about it? Have you talked to the mailman? Do all of our neighbors know? I don’t think so.

Wifey: It doesn’t match the decor of the house.
Me: We have kids! We have no decor to the house. It’s the wild-wild-west over here.

Wifey: Look, I only want to see pictures of my children and the art that they make hung up on the walls, okay?
Me: What about the art your husband makes?? Do you not support me?

Wifey: IT’S UGLY.
Me: *gasp* How dare you. I’ll blog about this and see what the people think.

What do you think? Should I be able to hang my life’s work in my own house? Comment to let me know. And be sure to follow the shenanigans on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can email me directly to say hello too!

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