My wife keeps throwing money away

Every few months, my wife decides to call the cleaners to our house. Every time she does this, we get into an argument.

My thoughts:
Why do you keep wasting money? The children basically destroy the house 15 minutes after the cleaners leave. The older one will bring all her library books and dump them in every room of the house. The baby is basically an African rhinoceros and keeps running into furniture. He also eats like a baboon so there’ll be strawberry handprints all over the walls, milk puddles from his sippy cup all over the floors, and rice in his hair which he’ll shed throughout the house. Listen, we live in a zoo and you can’t clean up these cages. Stop wasting money! We could go on a date with that kind of cash! We could order stiff cocktails and forget that we gave birth to a wildlife park.

Her thoughts:
“First off, the cleaners do a deep cleaning of our house. Second, have you ever tried cleaning our toilets? Have I ever seen you hold a mop? YEAH. I didn’t think so. If I didn’t call these cleaners, we’d basically be living inside a chicken coup. There’d be dust and mildew and fungus all over the place and you’d think everything was fine. And don’t even think I’d rely on you to clean. You can’t even shave without getting little hairs all over the bathroom sink. You are one of the main reasons I have to call the cleaners, not our children. Also, I don’t want to go on a date with you.”

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  1. Oh boy, I absolutely support the cleaning. Sorry Pari! I mean just think about the toilet! It’s a cycle anyway, you clean, and then you get messy and repeat. Would you stop showering because you’re gonna be out exposed to germs the second after you take a shower? Probably not 🤷

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