The PB&J situation

Everyone loves the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. It’s the American dream and probably one of the best inventions on earth. There’s no way anyone can argue about that fact, right? Wrong. The heated squabble my wife and I got into was not about the shape it should be cut or if the crust should be left on or off. Instead, we argued about how it should be pre-prepared: is it okay if the knife touches both the jelly and the peanut butter?

I say:

It’s not okay if the knife touches the jelly and peanut butter.

After you apply the jelly to the bread, you must wipe the knife before inserting the knife into the peanut butter jar. The reason for this? You don’t want jelly culture mixing with the peanut butter culture. You want pure jars of jelly and peanut butter when making a sandwich. Who knows what sort of fungus may start growing if you start dipping dirty knives into jars willy-nilly. If I open the peanut butter, I don’t want to see globs of jelly all over it. Our lunch isn’t supposed to be a high-school chemistry class where you can treat it like an open petri dish. I need clean jelly. I need clean peanut butter.

What she says:

It’s okay if the knife touches the jelly and the peanut butter.

“Have you lost your mind? First off, do you know how fast we go through both jelly and peanut butter? It’s one of the few things your children actually eat. Do you know you are literally eating jelly and peanut butter “culture” together in between bread? Do you know they sell peanut butter and jelly together in a single jar for lazy people? Do you think all those jars are getting fungus? Nobody has time to wipe knives. You’re wasting paper towels and harming the environment once again. You’re making me angry just thinking about this. Leave me alone. Why are you laughing? Is this funny to you? I better not see this on the blog.”

Okay team, whose side are you on? Comment and let us know.

On the plus side, there is one thing that all 4 of us family members agree on: creamy, never crunchy. Never.

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  1. Creamy all the way…and I believe in mixing. Who has the time to wipe the knife. Not me! 😉

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