My top 3 heroes and celebrities

My definition of a hero has dramatically changed since I co-created two kids. Here are my current top 3 heroes and celebrities:

College Parents – HOLY SHIT you put a kid through college? Like, how? My 3-year old recently said she wants to be a doctor and I LOL’ed directly at her face. Go get a scholarship, gurl. Sorry to crush your dreams but Daddy’s poor AF.

Single Parents – Wait, so you deal with your kids all by yourself? Unbelievable. If my wife leaves me alone for more than 2 hours with our children, it turns into a legit crisis. You have no idea how many times I’ve texted her incoherent sentences like: “MAYDAY PLEASE COME BACK WHY DID YOU LEAVE I NEED YOU.” Bottom line, if you are solo parenting on the daily, I literally want to hug you in awe. I honestly don’t know how you do it.

Startup parents – Parents who are side-hustling, pursuing their dreams, starting businesses, etc, while simultaneously being present for their children. Y’all are rock stars and an inspiration. Keep pushing hard because people like me are rooting for you!

Bonus Heroes: Just Mom’s in general. Seriously, I don’t understand how all of your brains function and fire at 100mph in different directions. I can’t even text and walk at the same time because that’s too many things for my brain to handle at once. I literally have to stop walking so my thumbs can concentrate.

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