Daddy Diaries, Part 4: Raising A Daughter Is Like College

I can’t believe college was more than a decade ago.

It seems like just yesterday I was living with three dudes in a house in Irvine, eating cereal with a shot glass because we didn’t own silverware, watching one of them snowboard down the stairs shirtless.

But even though I’m technically older and “wiser” now, I still feel like I get to relive my youth everyday. I recently realized that living with my 11 month old daughter is exactly like living with with my old college roommate, Jessie.

Here are 10 things I’ve said to my daughter which I’ve also said to Jessie:

  1. “Stop eating that from the carpet.”
  2. “Where are your pants?”
  3. “Did you poop? Look at me. Did you poop?”
  4. “No, I’m not carrying you. Stand up and walk.”
  5. “Don’t put your fingers in the dog’s mouth please.”
  6. “Where are your shoes?”
  7. “Why are you yelling? Do you need a nap?”
  8. “We don’t put grass in our mouths, okay?”
  9. “Why do you smell like garbage? Wait, OMG were you IN the garbage?!”
  10. “No seriously, where are your pants?”

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