Daddy Diaries, Part 3: The Steps You’ll Take

This weekend, my daughter let go of my hands and took her first steps. She didn’t look back. This original poem is dedicated to her and all the steps I will watch her take.

The Steps You’ll Take.

Dear Daughter.
The world is big
I know it’s very new
If you look to me
I will always look to you

Dear Daughter.
Things move fast
There’s a lot to see
You’ll never be alone
Because you’ll always have me

Dear Daughter.
You have Mom’s brain
So I know you’re smart
Never forget
To use your Dad’s heart

Dear Daughter.
It won’t always be fair
You may not win
It’s all within reach
Just keep up your chin

Dear daughter.
If you’re wise and kind
There’s nothing you can’t do
You’ll reach our dreams
I will never stop loving you

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